3 Reasons to Visit the Local Pet Hospital

Your local pet hospital provides services that will help you keep your pet healthy. Getting the healthcare you need for your pet is essential to ensuring the highest quality of life possible. Here are three reasons anyone with a pet should visit their local pet hospital regularly.

1. Preventative Care

Just like their human counterparts, pets should get preventative health care. According to Statista, in 2017 there were about 89.7 million pet dogs in the United States. Many of their pet parents make the right choice to care for their canines by visiting the local pet hospital regularly to get preventative care.

Preventative care in the form of vaccines and regular checkups can help your pet to avoid illness. This is a very important reason to visit your local animal hospital.

2. Chronic Conditions

Pets can develop chronic conditions, such as diabetes or allergies, just like their owners. Your local pet care facility can help you get your pet’s chronic conditions under control. Sometimes pets develop allergies that can manifest in different ways from humans. If you notice that your pet is developing patches of missing hair or you find they’re constantly scratching at themselves, they may have developed a food allergy.

A veterinarian can help diagnose and treat this problem. Ensuring that your pet is comfortable and getting the health care that they need is an important reason to make an appointment.

3. Emergency Situations

Pets often get into trouble, which can result in injuries and health problems. One of the reasons many pet owners find themselves at the pet hospital is because of acute injuries or illnesses. Getting your pet treated as soon as possible when they’re suffering from one of these causes can be life-saving. If your furry friend has found its way into toxic chemicals or a fight with another animal, these situations can have long-term effects if left untreated. A vet can help to address the problem promptly.

There are many reasons why pet owners should find a local animal hospital to care for their pets. Pet hospitals offer top-notch healthcare for your pet and education for you to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep your pet healthy and happy. For comprehensive services to help keep your pet in tip-top shape, contact our team at Runaway Farm Pet Hospital today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Everyone was wonderful! Dr. Dave got on the ground with Buddy to do his exam. Couldn’t ask for more! Keep up the great work!

Josette B.

From check in to check out our appointments are always great! Dr. Dave is wonderful, he spent so much time with us with our son’s new puppy, making sure he was part of the decisions, learning, and discussions. He made sure to check in on our other dogs as well! I can’t say enough praise for him, we are looking forward to seeing him again! Even on check out they made sure to run down everything with my son, letting him be involved in every aspect of the appointment, it was a great experience!

Corinne L.

Dr. Dave and Dr. Kistler are Amazing! They treat our pups like they are their own. The staff is always warm, friendly and willing to help! We have only been going here for 3 months and already we feel like family! I recommend Runaway Farm highly!

Shannon B.

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