The Importance of Routinely Visiting a Veterinarian

Veterinarians play an important role in helping to keep pets healthy. Due to the widespread patronage of veterinarian services, the industry keeps growing. According to Business Wire, the global veterinary service market was estimated at $96.9 billion in 2020. That said, many pet owners only schedule vet visits when their pet is ill or an emergency has occurred. Routine vet appointments are critical for your pet’s general health. Pets, like people, require annual checkups. Here are three reasons why veterinarian checkups help ensure your pet has a long and happy life.

Why Are Routine Veterinarian Visits Important?

Some pet owners believe there’s no reason to visit the vet unless something is wrong with their pet, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Routine checkups allow veterinarians to assess your pet’s health over time and may also let them detect underlying illnesses your pet may be suffering from. If your dog or cat has a significant health problem that escapes your attention, your veterinarian can typically detect it quickly during an annual checkup. With early treatment, your pet is more likely to live a long, happy life. That’s why taking your pet in for an annual checkup is critical.

What Happens During a Pet Visit?

Most veterinarians will do a physical examination during a routine vet visit. This is often a nose-to-tail examination of your pet’s entire body, including the mouth, skin, coat, eyes, paws, teeth, and tail. During a physical examination, your pet’s mouth and teeth are especially important. According to Nationwide, eight out of 10 dogs might suffer from dental disorders, and germs from the mouth can be transmitted via the bloodstream and harm other organs. Another important area your vet should focus on is your pet’s coat and skin, which is the body’s biggest organ and may indicate an underlying issue with your pet’s health. If your pet is getting older, your vet should also check for signs of arthritis or other joint difficulties, which can impair your pet’s ability to move around as they age.

Why Are Vaccinations Essential?

During each checkup, your vet will want to ensure that your pet is up to date on their vaccines. Vaccinations are crucial because they protect your pet from potentially fatal infections while keeping other animals in your home safe. Some jurisdictions even require regular vaccinations, especially to prevent the spread of rabies. Your vet will know the laws surrounding pet vaccinations in your area and can help you keep your pet fully up to date with locally required vaccines.

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Everyone was wonderful! Dr. Dave got on the ground with Buddy to do his exam. Couldn’t ask for more! Keep up the great work!

Josette B.

From check in to check out our appointments are always great! Dr. Dave is wonderful, he spent so much time with us with our son’s new puppy, making sure he was part of the decisions, learning, and discussions. He made sure to check in on our other dogs as well! I can’t say enough praise for him, we are looking forward to seeing him again! Even on check out they made sure to run down everything with my son, letting him be involved in every aspect of the appointment, it was a great experience!

Corinne L.

Dr. Dave and Dr. Kistler are Amazing! They treat our pups like they are their own. The staff is always warm, friendly and willing to help! We have only been going here for 3 months and already we feel like family! I recommend Runaway Farm highly!

Shannon B.

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