The Benefits of Local Pet Hospitals

local pet hospitals

Like humans, pets need quality health care to stay happy and well. They deserve treatment for illnesses, injuries, and routine checks. You want to ensure they receive all the medical care they need and deserve. Local pet hospitals are on hand to offer diagnostic services and identify illnesses or injuries.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are about 123,400 practicing veterinarians in the United States. Below are the benefits you can expect from local pet hospitals.


In times of an emergency, you want someone who can see your pet as quickly as possible. A local pet hospital will see your pet immediately and provide treatment, especially if your animal is injured.


Cost savings are one of the reasons people choose local veterinarians over others. You can save money on gas and parking and use that money elsewhere.

Easier to Get an Appointment

The local pet hospital will come in handy if your pet needs immediate medical attention. It is much easier to make an appointment with a veterinary practice that is nearby.


Local pet hospitals have experience with specific types of pets common in your area. Therefore, your pet will get appropriate treatment as a vet who knows more about the local animals will handle the appointment. In addition, local pet hospitals know your pet’s medical history if your dog or cat has been ill in the past. As such, they will treat them more effectively.

Local vets know the area well and understand how animals react to weather and other environmental conditions. As a result, they have information on any recent illnesses affecting animals in their area and can quickly diagnose pet diseases. This knowledge enables them to make better treatment decisions. In addition, you will need a local veterinarian if you have animals that are prone to specific health problems, such as dogs with heart conditions or cats with kidney issues.


If you cannot get time off from work, using local pet hospitals could simplify this issue. Rather than driving long distances and struggling with appointments, you’ll get treatment at local pet hospitals whenever needed.

As a pet owner, you want the best for your pet, and it helps to take your pet to the vet regularly. Contact us for your pet to receive the proper vaccinations and health care. We would be happy to help!


Everyone was wonderful! Dr. Dave got on the ground with Buddy to do his exam. Couldn’t ask for more! Keep up the great work!

Josette B.

From check in to check out our appointments are always great! Dr. Dave is wonderful, he spent so much time with us with our son’s new puppy, making sure he was part of the decisions, learning, and discussions. He made sure to check in on our other dogs as well! I can’t say enough praise for him, we are looking forward to seeing him again! Even on check out they made sure to run down everything with my son, letting him be involved in every aspect of the appointment, it was a great experience!

Corinne L.

Dr. Dave and Dr. Kistler are Amazing! They treat our pups like they are their own. The staff is always warm, friendly and willing to help! We have only been going here for 3 months and already we feel like family! I recommend Runaway Farm highly!

Shannon B.

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