Standard grooming on all pets includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear clean, expressing anal glands, and a light trim.

Badly matted animals must be shaved; some matting can be brushed out but is extremely stressfull to the animal. We will not attempt to brush out mats on elderly or nervous pets.

Upon admission, you will be asked: “May we sedate your pet if necessary?” Your pet will never be sedated without your approval, and even then, only if truly necessary. Sedation of your pet is done at an additional fee.

Some breeds, such as terriers & spaniels, normally get a standard clip appropriate for the breed as a regular grooming. For these breeds you can just ask for a “Regular Haircut.” Poodles can receive a wide variety of clips so your specific instructions will be needed. Breeds such as Lhasa Apso’s and Shih Tzu’s are often clipped to keep them more comfortable and easier to maintain. Whatever the breed, with your specific instructions, our groomer will do what YOU want.

Cats have fur, unlike dogs which have hair. One of the characteristics of fur is that it rarely looks as good clipped as it did in it’s “natural” state. Cats have extremely tender skin and can be nicked very easily. Because of the way clipper blades are built, the closer the shave, the safer it is for you