Annual Check-ups & Medical Exams

Runaway Farm is fully equipped with veterinarians in Pennsburg, PA to provide your pet with high quality medical care. As a part of your pet’s annual comprehensive exam he/she will receive a free ECG screening with the new PAM ECG cardiac monitor. Cooperative pets seven years or older will also receive a glaucoma screening with their examination free of charge using a tonopen, the latest technology used to accurately measure the internal eye pressure.

Many of the sick pets we see have routine problems–easily handled cases not requiring special diagnostic tests. For the more involved health problems, special techniques are available. This includes radiographs, ultrasound imaging, electrocardiograms, microbiology cultures, cytological and hematological exams. Should your pet have an elusive medical problem, we have the equipment and know-how to help you decide what is best for your pet’s care.

Surgical Procedures

The operating room at Runaway Farm is ready to provide a wide range of surgical procedures from spay and neuters, through special procedures on bones, joints, eyes, and internal organs. To provide your pet with a safe, rapid recovery and healing, with a minimum chance of complication, the newest techniques of anesthesia and strict sterile surgical methods are used by the surgeon at Runaway Farm. We will take the time before and after surgical procedures to help your pet return to good health.

Laser Surgery

The use of the Luxar (Carbon Dioxide) LASER is now used as a replacement for the scapel in our office. We take great pride in being the first veterinary practice in the area to use this LASER.

Our new LASER surgery works safely and effectively with a reduction or elimination of stitches, a reduction of post-surgical pain, swelling, and bleeding.

Most procedures can be done in our office without outside referral. This will result in less time and cost to you.


Most dog and cat owners realize that annual vaccinations boosts their pet’s immunity to common infections. Through computerized invoicing we have the most accurate form of producing reminders for your pet’s vaccination updates. You will receive a reminder up to one month before your pet is due for his/her immunizations. And if that one passes you by, you will receive another reminder one month later to help you remember to keep your pet’s immunity at a protective level.