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Pennsburg’s One-Stop Pet Hospital

Runaway Farm Pet Hospital is a place where all your pet’s needs can be met in one location.

At a price that is affordable to you, we offer grooming, boarding, and medical services. No more running around to multiple offices- our knowledgeable staff can handle everything your pet could need. Conveniently located in Pennsburg, we know how important your pet’s well being is to the overall quality of their life.

When it comes to medical services, we offer everything from annual checkups to x-rays and laser surgery. We’re here to help you when your pet is both healthy and sick. Runaway Farm Pet Hospital can assist in all your pet’s medical needs, and is the vet Collegeville, PA chooses for its animals.

We see it as our job to educate you about caring for your pet while giving them great care ourselves. To book an appointment with us, contact Runaway Farm Pet Hospital today!

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of services at our pet hospital Collegeville, PA trust, so you can be sure we are the only location you will need to service your pet! All of our vet technicians are well-trained and excellent in their line of work, and will service your pet with the utmost care. We treat every new face that comes into our office as if it were our own furry best friend!

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Are you ready to learn why Runaway Farm Pet Hospital is the vet Collegeville, PA recommends? To book an appointment with our very talented team for any of our services, contact us today through the phone or our contact us page! Our employees are committed to the health of your best friends.

That’s why we offer a multitude of services, all so you can be sure that no matter what problem your pet is having, we will be able to help get them back into shape to play and cuddle like usual! If your pet has been having problems with their teeth, we utilize the safest anesthesia and ultrasound technology to get them fixed up in no time! We also offer products you can take home to help your pets take care of their teeth all the time!

Surgery is no fun for anyone, let alone our pets! That’s why our staff is highly trained in administering ultra-safe techniques when performing surgery on your best friend. This same mentality also stretches to performing microchipping services, vaccinations, ultrasounds, or any of the other multitude of reasons your pet is in our care!

We even offer your most basic services, such as performing overall wellness exams and grooming your pets! If your outdoor pet is having trouble with ticks, mites, and fleas, never fear, as we offer treatments and preventative care to help protect them from pests!

As you can see, we truly have everything your pet could need to stay healthy and happy! Give us a call today, or use our contact form to book an appointment! We look forward to meeting you soon at the pet hospital Collegeville, PA trusts, Runaway Farm!


Everyone was wonderful! Dr. Dave got on the ground with Buddy to do his exam. Couldn’t ask for more! Keep up the great work!

Josette B.

From check in to check out our appointments are always great! Dr. Dave is wonderful, he spent so much time with us with our son’s new puppy, making sure he was part of the decisions, learning, and discussions. He made sure to check in on our other dogs as well! I can’t say enough praise for him, we are looking forward to seeing him again! Even on check out they made sure to run down everything with my son, letting him be involved in every aspect of the appointment, it was a great experience!

Corinne L.

Dr. Dave and Dr. Kistler are Amazing! They treat our pups like they are their own. The staff is always warm, friendly and willing to help! We have only been going here for 3 months and already we feel like family! I recommend Runaway Farm highly!

Shannon B.

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