Preventative Medical Care


Small animal and dog dentistry in Pennsburg PA is an important area of veterinary medicine and we have made a firm commitment in equipment and continuing education to make these advancements available to your pets. The safest anesthesia techniques and faster ultrasonic scaling and polishing equipment used at Runaway Farm have dramatically reduced the risks dental cleanings and have improved the quality of routine dental work. We also offer many products for use at home to reduce tartar buildup and minimize the need for teeth scaling.

Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound Imaging

Honoring our commitment to provide the highest quality care for your pets, we now offer ultrasound imaging at our Pennsburg PA veternary hospital. Ultrasound technology is used to non-invasively diagnose your pet’s medical and surgical problems. Minimally invasive ultrasound guided biopsy can often be used instead of exploratory surgery. Liver, kidney, and bowel biopsies are possible through a 1/2″ incision, and heart disease can be more thoroughly evaluated using this new technology.

Heartworm Testing & Prevention

Since the first cases in 1968 Heartworm Disease has continued to spread and become more common in this area. As mosquitoes spread the disease it is very easy for your dog to become infected. Runaway Farm uses the occult heartworm detection method which is highly accurate in the detection of the presence of antibodies to heartworm and is the most sensitive available. Many methods of heartworm prevention are available from monthly chewable tablets to monthly topical applications.

Feline Leukemia Testing

This disease is by far the worst killer of cats in this area. Like AIDS in humans, feline leukemia is a retro virus that can lie dormant in your cat before it strikes. A simple blood test with results in minutes will tell if your cat is infected. If the test is negative we offer a vaccination which can prevent the disease.

Parasite Control

Because our pets spend a lot of time with their noses to the ground, licking, and picking up everything with their mouths, they are commonly infecting themselves with intestinal parasites. Routine intestinal parasite exams can detect infections early. These parasites are easily spread and picked up around your home causing serious contamination.

Fleas, ticks, lice, and mites also pose problems for our pets. Runaway Farms offers the latest in treatment and preventive products including Heartgard Plus* for heartworms, hookworms and roundworms, Frontline TopSpot* for fleas and ticks, and Revolution* for fleas, ticks, heartworm, ear mites, sarcoptic mites, hookworms, and roundworms.

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